let’s speech english

Respectable Mr. and Mrs. Teacher

My friends and their fathers of the big family of SMK 3 konsel Englishindo

Let us together say the praise and gratitude into the presence of God Almighty for blessing and grace so that we can all come together in a health. There is one thing that is usually perceived by students as a burden which the presence of the school code. But there is no one else on this school that does not have a code of conduct.

When there is a code of conduct then your guys know what to do and not. It is reasonable if the schools give sanctions to anyone students who break the rules. This rule applies indiscriminately. There are some positive values that may be your guys haven’t seen it, what are the advantages of this code of conduct?

Making our parents, teachers & you proud

There is no one else who is not a parent proud when his son performs in schools, although some parents may be prestige declared himself proud of them. Teachers also must have been proud at us.

Our time is more effective

For example, we do not repeat time of learning, so when the teacher explained we don’t pay attention, we must also take remedial exams (some schools have such policies). If it has been, is wasting time right?

There is a proverbial saying ‘ value first appreciated ‘, as well as paying attention to the teacher during the clarify lessons. We have asked for submitting task. Or for example when we threatened do not pass the grade, teachers must have seen our enterprise learning time, we deserve it or not in riding classes, in the meeting of the board of teachers that must have many teachers who are defending so we ride class.

The children are proud their fathersĀ 

Here’s how wonderful when conduct observed and applied consciously by all parties. The code of conduct is not as pressure but by all in view as a guide that helps us to be successful. The father also realize that not all of the capabilities of the human brain is same, there is a nice quick recall, some are weak in arithmetic, etc. but we have to try and try to be the best we can.

May it is useful for all. And your guys as our beloved school students really understand how important discipline in our schools today.


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